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Stigma Against The LGBT Community

LGBT people do experience a wide variety of social discrimination even though they have done nothing wrong. Some people are not born straight, with an attraction towards the opposite gender. Some people do not understand this. Their behavior will be hateful towards people who like to date someone of their own gender. They act like people choose who they are attracted to. Everyone needs to fathom the fact that people are born with their sexualities. They don’t get to choose who they are attracted to or who they love. These things happen spontaneously and uncontrollably. For decades we have seen the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face these sort of issues where they are hated on being who they were born to be. After facing all this hate and stigma, they tend to close themselves off because they have to be defensive all the time, or else people may walk all over them.

They even have a higher risk of health issues, mental health issues, substance abuse, etc. Some LGBT youth are also prone to contemplate suicide as their close family and friends may not have had a positive reaction to their sexual awakening. It is unclear why it should even matter; it’s not like their lives are affected by their child being a homosexual person. Most of the disparities have interpersonal roots and stem from many personal reasons. They face harassment and homophobia which it incredibly offensive and belittles them on an emotional and social level. Discrimination can even have severe consequences on the mind which could result in depression, isolation, and denial.

But it is not all bad since the dawn of the second decade in the 21st-century people have become very accepting of the LGBT, there are marches and awareness gathering to help people who are a part of this community. But the stigma they face is indeed very real.

I witnessed an incident that happened recently. A friend of mine who I have known for more than 20 years recently realized that he was bisexual and came of the closet. The reaction that he received was decidedly mixed. His closest friends showed that they were supportive but on the outside. His best friend of 7 years started treating him differently and saw him in a different way. His mother wanted to disown him, and his father still hasn’t accepted that his son is bisexual. He refuses to believe it and thinks that his son is confused or should be treated. After facing such adverse reactions, he did not know what to do. He was utterly abandoned and felt lost because he lost some of his closest people for something that is not in his control, something that he did not choose.

By seeing events like these, it makes me more tolerant than ever, and we need to learn from such instances and support the LGBT community no matter what.